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ImpreZZ is professional and beautiful blogger template. ImpreZZ showcases a totally impressive layout for Blogger blog. Impress your blog reader with ImpreZZ Blogger template! .

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The Template well suits for any furniture or shopping related niche sites.It was well designed,two column with 3d rss button and beautiful navigation bar at the top.This was originally a wordpress theme by Jinsona of and converted to blogger by kranthy.

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Blak Magik has 2 Columns with Right sidebar and Brown background.

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Revolution is an elegant template with dark colour. Two-column blogger templates with unique style. The template is based on the old site of well-known WordPress designer Jason Schuller for his website WP Elements, brought to blogger by Blozard.

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Turn Out Mag is a professional Magazine Style blogger template with 3 column. wp theme by Chiq Montes of and converted to Blogger by Kranthi

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Strawberry 4 template is originally designed by finalsense. it has 4 column and best quality in resolutions.

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Rebel Magazine Template is another excellent magazine template designed by Filipina and Netrepreneur Chiq Montes of WPThemeDesigner.the main feature are has Two columns with right sidebar, Good design with magazine style, Built-in RSS feed,Built-in search box…

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Schemar Mag template are a wordpress template to blogger conversion.wp theme by Chiq Montes of and converted to Blogger by Kranthi.

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Its a New and beautiful Facebook Magazine Template from Kang Rohman. the fitur are Adsense Ready, 3 Column on footer and beautiful designed.

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ts a new again from Kang Rohman 'Blogspot Magazine Template'. The Template name is R.1.3 Magazine Template.


This template is originally wordpress template but was convert to blogger template. Main Features: * Automatic Thumbnails on posts * Automatic Post Summarize * Featured Content Slider * Adsense ready * PSD Custom Logo Included

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Apr 5, 2010

Make Your Blog Title SEO Friendly

Posted by DRSP at Monday, April 05, 2010
This is a simple things to make your title of your blog always SEO friendly.

please find code at your template
Layout>edit HTML

<b:include data="'blog'" name="'all-head-content'/"><title><data:blog.pagetitle/></title><b:skin>

and replace with this code

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType
== &quot;item&quot;'><title><data:blog.pageName/></title><b:else/><title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title></b:if>


Nov 11, 2009

How to Embed Flash Intro Code as Introduction at Blogspot

Posted by DRSP at Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Hello…at this post I wanna share about how to install flash intro as introduction in blogspot. When I’am trying looking this tutorial at google, almost all the blogs in search engine just explain how to embed the code of flash intro at blogspot in their post.and I think that’s too simple, so here I make it for you the flash as introduction in your blog.

Actually 5 days before I tried this code at my blog..its not working (actually working but the intro flash appear at the above of the header, and I think its not good. But Alhamdulillah my friend Jaya was helped me solving this problem.

Here are the step How to Installing Flash Intro Code at your Blogspot as Introduction.

1. You have to make animation/image or video and save as .swf file if don’t have please try my swf file

2. After finished upload your swf.file to your hosting and I recommend you to upload at fileave

3. Now you have to prepare your blog, go to layout and then Edit HTML

4. Before you edit your template please click expand widget template

5. Now find the code <body> and then paste the below code after that code

<div id='flashintro'> <div align='center'> <p style='padding:50px;'> <object height='340' width='150'> <param name='movie' value='MYFLASH.swf'/> <embed height='410' src='' width='560'> </embed> </object> </p><p style='padding-top:5px;font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;color:#fff;'><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl + &quot;search/label/?max-results=4&quot;'>Skip Intro</a></p> </div> </div>

You can change the width and height as you want. dont forget to change with your .swf file

6. Find the code <b:includable id='main'> Then paste this code below after that code

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'> <style> body { background-color: #000000; background-image: none; } #flashintro { text-align:center; margin:auto; padding:auto; } #outer-wrapper{display:none;} </style> <b:else/> <style>#flashintro{display:none;}</style> </b:if>

Some template like my template using the code above, the flash are appear at the above the header of your blog, so if that happen use the code below

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'> <style> body { background-color: #000000; background-image: none; } #flashintro { text-align:center; margin:auto; padding:auto; } #head{display:none;} #page{display:none;} </style> <b:else/> <style>#flashintro{display:none;}</style> </b:if>

7. Now find the code ]]></b:skin> Paste the code below before that code

body#layout #flashintro {display:none;}

8. Save your template now and please view your blog...very nice isn it???

9. If you wanna support me for my hard work please click donation below

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