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May 21, 2009

How to Make Table at Blogger

Posted by DRSP at Thursday, May 21, 2009
Most blogger don't know how to make table in their post. they are feel confuse. So in this tips I wanna share how to make table in blogspot. Table is very important if we wanna become more proffesional in blogger. we can put the image/article on the table, and we can put the link inside. here are the table code for the table, you can copy the code to your blog post. 1. Table Style 1

Put your Text here Put your Text here

The Code:

2. Table Style 2

The Code

3. Table Style 3

Text A Text B Text C
Text D Text E Text F
Text G Text H Text I

The Code

4. Table Style 4

The Code

5. Table Style 5

Table with Image A
Table with Image B
The Code;

Note: You can change height and width as you want. if any question please leave the comment

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